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Welcome to IDRiM Society

IDRiM Society

This is the official website of the Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM) Society, which was launched in October 2009 at the 9th IIASA-DPRI Conference on Integrated Disaster Risk Management in Kyoto, Japan with the participation of over 100 international experts, practitioners, and individuals from more than 20 different countries working in the disaster risk management field. The main objective of the IDRiM Society is to promote knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary research, and development on integrated disaster risk management contributing to the implementation of success models for efficient and equitable disaster risk management options. Furthermore, the IDRiM Society aims at promoting knowledge transfer and dissemination of information and concepts on integrated disaster risk management. Here you will find information about the IDRiM Society, how to become a member, important news, events, as well as links to other resources and organizations.

Group photo at the launching of the IDRiM Society on 15 October 2009 at Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

Latest News

UCI Postdoc Fellowship on Local Climate Action & Environmental Justice

Postdoctoral Scholar – Local Climate Action and Environmental Justice Research

The selected postdoc will support the plan review and policy analysis component of the Integrated and Equitable Climate Action (IECA) project which I co-direct with Doug Houston. The goal of the project is to examine barriers and innovations in the design and implementation of local climate action and environmental justice plans and policies in California municipalities and counties. More….

Call for Proposals and Submission

Disaster Research Workshop: Innovating for an Imagined Disaster Future @ Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware on 2-4 May, 2024

Drones, genetic testing, artificially intelligent information assistants, mobile phones, video chats, bionic limbs: at one time, these were things of science fiction. Today, they are part of modern society. More..

UKADR in conversation with...’ series, featuring Professor Virginia Murray from the UK Health Security Agency

Event Details:
Date: Monday 4th December, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM GMT / 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM JST
  • 5 minutes: Introduction to UKADR / Prof Virginia Murray
  • 20 minutes: Presentation by Prof Virginia Murray
  • Up to 35 minutes: Interactive Q&A session with Prof Virginia and the audience
This event is open to anyone interested in disaster scholarship, and it is particularly valuable for students registered in disaster-related courses.
No registration is required. To join the event, please click here
If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Community of European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS) Annual Event

The annual CERIS-DRS (Disaster-Resilient Societies area) will take place at the BAO venue (Brussels) from the 4th to 7th December. The AFPCNT, the associate member of the IDRiM Society, and Prof. Emmanuel Garnier (Univ. Franche Comté) will present about the International Resource Centres initiative with the IDRiM. The outcome will be shared later. (Event-agenda)

10th International Scientific Conference on Wood & Fire safety 2024

The 10th Conference on Wood & Fire safety 2024 will be held on May 12-15, 2024. More….

6th World Congress on Disaster Management at Dehradun, India, from 28 Nov to 01 Dec 2023

The 6th WCDM has been structured in 4 Plenary Sessions, more than 50 Technical Sessions, 5 Special Feature Events, various concurrent sessions, and side events on the overarching theme of “Strengthening Climate Action & Disaster Resilience” having a specific focus on ‘Mountain Ecosystems and Communities’ enabled through Innovation, Collaboration and Communication. More….

Tulane is hiring an urban environmental sociologist

The Environmental Studies Program and Department of Sociology at Tulane University invite applications for a tenure-track professorship at the rank of advanced assistant or associate professor with specialization in urban environmental sociology to begin July 2024. More…

The recording of the 3rd IDRIM Lecture is available on the website

The recording of the 3rd IDRIM Lecture held on 27 February with the distinguished lecturer, Prof. David Alexander is now available on the website.


Website on the IRN RISCDIS project

IRN RISCDIS website is entirely dedicated to disasters.

Please check it. More…..

3 new postdoc positions in Department of Civil Enginerring, Clemson University

3 new postdoc positions available starting early January. More…

Associate Lecturer (Teaching) Jobs at UCL’s IRDR

Associate Lectures(Teaching) in Risk, Disasters and Humanitarianism are advertised at University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction:

1. Unit 31 October 2023

2. Unit 30 April 2025

Postdoc Position: Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic prosperity, and Resilience

Dr. Sarah DeYoung seeks a postdoctoral scholar to work on an NSF Hub project: Large-scale CoPe:Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic prosperity, and Resilience (CHEER). More…

Recording of YSS Awardees Presentation Event

The recording of the YSS Awardees Presentation event is now available. More..

Recoring of the 11th Cafe

The recording of 11th IDRiM Cafe is now available. More..

Recording of 10th IDRiM Cafe

The recording of 10th IDRiM Cafe is now available on website.


2nd Lecture with Prof. Adam Rose

2nd IDRiM Lecture will take place on 30 September with Prof. Adam Rose.


Committee Report 2021- 2022

IDRiM Committee Report 2021-2022 is published.


9th IDRiM Café

9th IDRiM Cafe will be held on 1st September.


Looking for a PhD candidate

PhD candidate for the Horizon Europe Project PARATUS Cloud-based decision tool for managing the systemic risk of compounding disasters. More..

Meet the Editors Event at Natural Hazards Workshop

IDRiM Journal was invited to participate in the Meet the Editors’ event organized during the Natural Hazards Workshop in the US on 10 – 13 July.  More..

Reording of the 8th Cafe is now available

The 8th IDRiM Cafe was held very successfully, thanks to three wonderful speakers. The recording of the presentation is now available on the website. If you missed it or you would like to watch it again, please check it. More..

8th IDRiM Café

8th IDRiM Cafe will be held on 6th July @ 12:00(UTC). Please check the details. More..

Recording of the 1st IDRiM lecture is now available

1st IDRiM Lecture was held on 24 June 2022, and the recording of the lecturer is now available. More..

EC-JRC Technical Report for Natech risk management

European Commission, Joint Research Centre released the technical report on Natech risk management. This guidance is for operators of hazardous industrial sites and for national authorities.  More..

Workshop Book Clubs @ Natural Hazards Center

This year’s Natural Hazards Workshop will feature three concurrent Book Forums on Monday, July 11, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. MDT. These forums will offer an opportunity for attendees to interact with the author of each book, hear from experts on related hazards and disasters, and engage with one another.

Call for Papers: Special Collection on the Legacy of Dennis S. Mileti and the Future of Public Alert and Warning Research

The Natural Hazards Review is planning a special journal issue centered on the work of Dennis S. Mileti. The collection will include reviews and assessments of Mileti’s work, as well as forward-looking examinations of technologies, practices, and policies that can improve the access and efficiency of hazards warnings and alerts.

Recording of the 7th IDRiM Cafe is available

Thanks to four great speakers, the 7th Cafe was held on 31 May 2022  successfully. The recording of the presentations is now available on our website.

1st IDRiM Lecture Series will be held on 24 June @ 12:00 (UTC)

The first lecturer is Prof. Norio Okada, Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University and founding member of IDRiM. The title of his lecture is ” Field-based Conceptualization, Reexamining Perspectives, and Road-mapping for Exploring IDRiM Research Horizons – – Another Integrative Modeling Efforts”.

17th Binghamton Symposium On HealthCare Management and Policy

17th Binghamton Symposium On HealthCare Management and Policy

Wednesday, January 25 – Thursday, January 26, 2023
Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

Theme : International Conference On Disaster Management: Global Pandemic and its impact

Special Issue on International Journal of Disaster Risk Science: Integrated Disaster Risk Research of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau under Climate Change

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and its adjacent mountainous areas are featured with significant climate differences, diverse geomorphology, developed glaciers, and strong crustal uplift and river undercut. The complex natural environment has led to a variety of natural hazards and disasters, including …… More

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